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48/0 Brick Grog

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48/0 Brick Grog is a coarse crushed brick particle that provides structural reinforcement, reduces shrinkage, and enhances thermal shock resistance in ceramics.

  • Structural reinforcement: Adds strength and durability to ceramic structures.
  • Reduced shrinkage: Minimizes dimensional changes during drying and firing processes.
  • Enhanced thermal shock resistance: Withstands rapid temperature changes without cracking.
  • Consistent particle size: Ensures uniform distribution and reliable performance.

Sold in 50lb bags. The price above is price per 50lb bag. Enter the number of bags. Quantity break pricing will be applied at checkout.
1 bag= 50lbs, 2 bags= 100lbs, 4 bags= 200lbs

If purchasing 200lb+, call (405) 510-0076 or email to order.