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Ferro Frit 3110

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Frit 3110 is a soft sodium borosilicate frit commonly used in glazes to enhance their performance. With its high Na2O content, this frit is a reliable ingredient found in glaze recipes across different firing temperatures. It offers excellent thermal expansion control and is often used as a substitution to increase expansion in glazes that are prone to shivering. Additionally, Frit 3110 is highly valued for its contributions to crystal glazes.

  • Versatile Glaze Ingredient: It is commonly included in glaze recipes due to its valuable sodium contribution, making it suitable for a wide range of temperatures.
  • Thermal Expansion Control: With its high thermal expansion, it can be substituted for frit 3195 in shivering glazes to increase overall expansion.
  • Crystal Glazes: Frit 3110 is often favored in crystal glazes

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