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Hawthorn Bond 35m

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Hawthorn Bond 35m has fine particles, and the 35 mesh grade has tooth and lots of iron spotting in reduction. It is an additive that enhances clay workability, reduces cracking, and aids in controlled shrinkage. 

  • Fine Particle Size: Provides smooth texture and enhances workability of clay.
  • 35 Mesh Grade: Offers tooth and texture to clay surfaces, ideal for various artistic effects.
  • Workability Enhancement: Improves the plasticity and malleability of clay for easier shaping and forming.
  • Cracking Reduction: Helps prevent cracking and drying defects in clay during the drying and firing process.
  • Controlled Shrinkage: Assists in controlling the shrinkage rate of clay, ensuring desired dimensional changes.

Sold in 50lb bags. The price above is price per 50lb bag. Enter the number of bags. Quantity break pricing will be applied at checkout.
1 bag= 50lbs, 2 bags= 100lbs, 4 bags= 200lbs

If purchasing 200lb+, call (405) 510-0076 or email to order.