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Tennessee #1 SGP

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Tenn. #1 SGP is a course grained ball clay. It has medium strength and plasticity. It is popular for casting and is used for plastic clay bodies, and a suspension aid for glazes.

  • Strength and Plasticity: This ball clay offers a balanced combination of strength and plasticity, making it versatile for various ceramic applications.It is used as an additive in plastic clay bodies, enhancing their workability and moldability.
  • Casting Applications: Tenn. #1 SGP is particularly favored for casting. It allows for smooth and consistent mold filling.
  • Suspension Aid: Additionally, Tenn. #1 SGP serves as a reliable suspension aid in glazes, ensuring even distribution and improved application properties.

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1 bag= 50lbs, 2 bags= 100lbs, 4 bags= 200lbs

If purchasing 200lb+, call (405) 510-0076 or email to order.