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XX Sagger

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XX Sagger is a fine grained secondary clay. Due to the low iron content and good plasticity, it fires to white and a light cream. It is good for atmospheric firings.

  • Low Iron Content: This clay possesses a low iron content, resulting in a fired color that is white or light cream.
  • Plasticity: XX Sagger exhibits excellent plasticity, allowing for ease of shaping and molding.
  • Suitable for Atmospheric Firings: This clay is well-suited for atmospheric firings, where it can withstand high temperatures and maintain its desired color and properties.

Sold in 50lb bags. The price above is price per 50lb bag. Enter the number of bags. Quantity break pricing will be applied at checkout.
1 bag= 50lbs, 2 bags= 100lbs, 4 bags= 200lbs

If purchasing 200lb+, call (405) 510-0076 or email to order.