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Molochite 30m

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Molochite 30m is calcined clay grog. It adds strength, reduces shrinkage, and aids in controlled drying.

  • Enhanced Strength: The addition of Molochite 30m provides increased strength to clay bodies, improving their structural integrity.
  • Reduced Shrinkage: This calcined clay grog helps minimize shrinkage during drying and firing processes, allowing for better dimensional control.
  • Controlled Drying: With Molochite 30m, you can experience improved drying characteristics in your ceramic creations, leading to reduced cracking or warping.

Sold in 55lb bags. The price above is price per 55lb bag. Enter the number of bags. Quantity break pricing will be applied at checkout.
1 bag= 55lbs, 2 bags= 110lbs, 4 bags= 220lbs

If purchasing 200lb+, call (405) 510-0076 or email to order.