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Soda Ash

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Soda ash is commonly utilized in ceramics as a soluble deflocculant in slips and glazes. It is often combined with sodium silicate to create body slips with controlled rheology, preventing rapid gelling and allowing adjustment for variations in water hardness. Soda Ash and Soda Ash Light are chemically identical; the only distinction lies in their granule sizes. Soda Ash Light features a finer granule size compared to Soda Ash Dense

  • Deflocculant: Soda ash is a common deflocculant in ceramics, promoting smooth application of slips and glazes.
  • Improved Flow and Workability: Soda ash enhances flow and workability, making it easier to apply and manipulate ceramic materials.
  • Enhances Homogeneity: By using soda ash, ceramic formulations achieve a more uniform distribution of materials for consistent performance.

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